Friday, May 16, 2008

An Espresso hut and gift shop will welcome you to Charleston. The rally ride for Friday and Saturday will leave around 9 AM. Exact time will be posted when you sign in at the rally headquarters. Same ride both days. It's approximately 150 miles long. All the picture in the blog from here to the end will be things that you will pass on the ride. Of course, there is lots more, and some beautiful scenery as well, that I didn't take pictures of. Have to leave little surprises along the way. We'll have a 30 minute stop in Bandon, and about an hour for a late breakfast or early lunch in Myrtle Point. We'll allow about 10 minutes for pictures and for the smokers at the Umpqua Lighthouse, and about 15 minutes at SCP in Reedsport. For those that want, during the SCP visit, I'll lead you on a 5 minute ride to see the Elk herd, stop for pics, then back to SCP. That will only take about 15 minutes. Then, we'll go straight back down Hwy 101 to Coos Bay, and on to Charleston. The whole thing will take about 6 hours. It won't be a "speed" trip, it will be the speed limit or slower most of the way, so there's no pressure on anyone to "keep up", and also so you will be able enjoy the scenery. We sure are looking forward to seeing a bunch of VROC friends soon! Here's about a hundred pictures. Don't forget you can click on them for more detail, then use the back button to return to the blog.
This ride will be in honor of Wolfman, VROC Number 3. RIP. Wish Rick was here in person for the WWR 08. I'm sure he will be here in spirit.

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